Tafisa to Offer The Perfect Match: A One Stop Solution for TFL and HPL

Lac-Mégantic, June 27, 2018. – If you’re in the business of distributing, purchasing, specifying, or manufacturing products with TFL decorative panels and high pressure laminates (HPL), Tafi a is about to make your life a lot easier. Starting August 27th, 2018, the company will be adding a complete matching line of HPL to its Sommet and Prelude TFL Series. Made from the SAME texture plates and the SAME printed décors, Tafisa is launching The Perfect Match, the same look and feel of its products in both TFL and HPL. This applies to EIR synchronized textures too! Yes, Tafisa’s synchronized texture (EIR) program within the Sommet Series will now be available in both TFL and HPL across all décors.

Branded Surforma, Tafisa’s 5x9 HPL line is manufactured by its sister company, Sonae Indústria de Revestimentos, SA (SIR) in Portugal. SIR has been producing high quality HPL since 1959 and has developed an unmatched recognized expertise. The full Surforma line will be stocked in Canada close to Tafi a’s plant and will allow Tafisa to offer combined deliveries of TFL panels and HPL sheets on the same truck, or rail car. Louis Brassard, Tafisa Chief Executive Officer, said: “We want to offer our clients the full range of decorative solutions for TFL and HPL, capitalising on our design leadership and manufacturing expertise of Tafisa and SIR. For customers, designers, and architects, it will make sourcing the two types of decorative surfaces much faster, easier, and it will open new opportunities for both products. Tafisa is extremely enthusiastic to offer The Perfect Match concept with a One-Stop Solution for TFL and HPL.”

Tafisa is renewing its commitment to customer service to make sure that every Tafisa client gets efficient service when purchasing TFL and HPL. Tafisa’s decision to stock the full range of HPL locally will allow the company to deliver its quality products with quick lead times.

Adding to the good news, Tafisa will be unveiling two new EIR Synchronized Textures—Teak and Hickory—at IWF 2018 in Atlanta. Named Brava and Feria, the textures replicate the look and feel of teak and hickory, respectively, and will be available in both TFL and HPL. They will also come with a wide range of complementary products, including edgebanding, doors, 3D laminates and mouldings.

About Tafisa Canada

Tafisa has a solid reputation for developing trend-setting designs and offering unmatched quality in particleboard and TFL decorative panel manufacturing. Founded in 1992, Tafisa has a proven track record for being attuned to market trends, offering a production capacity that is second to none and providing excellent customer service. The company continuously invests every year to not only improve its operational excellence but also ensure that all of its manufacturing processes adhere to the strictest industry, training, production, and environmental standards. For more information, visit www.tafisa.ca.