La vraie nature du bois


Texture à embossage synchronisé (EIR) deux côtés

Structure de bois et coloris uniques

Texture synchronisée avec microprécision

2 dimensions de panneaux 4’ x 8’ et 5’ x 9’


The first in the Sommet® Series and echoing the innovative vision that has been Tafisa®’s hallmark since day one, VIVATM’s unique butternut texture and woodgrain structure offer elegance and refinement. Designed from a rare wood species rich in character, this creation is the culmination of a meticulous research process led by a team of designers and experts who are passionate about what they do.

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SOMMET Inspirations

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Discover our Prélude series

Discover our Prélude series

Our Prelude series will offer you all over stunning textures available in multiple decors!

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