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Our Surforma HPL Textures Series

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  • FERIA texture

    FERIATM appeals to the senses with an original look that captures the essence of hickory, a trusted wood known for its lightness and durability. With its grain and colour of warm variations and inviting appearance, FERIATM evokes movement and rhythm—like a laidback, yet lively, celebration that sets the soul and the imagination alight. FERIATM, The true touch of woodTM.

  • BRAVA Texture

    Inspired by teak, a noble and timeless wood species, BRAVATM creates a lasting impression with its rich cathedral motifs. The striking look and feel of these panels are designed to stay with you, like the lingering traces of a fond memory. BRAVATM offers two different wood structures — Elegant and Cerused—that are precision-engineered to provide the same synchronized texture, panel after panel. BRAVATM panels stand out for their impeccable design quality by offering The true touch of woodTM.

  • VIVA Texture

    The first in the Sommet® Series , VIVA’sTM unique butternut texture and woodgrain structure offer elegance and refinement.  VIVATM comes in three different wood structures— Elegant, Rustic, and Planked Effect—precision- engineered to maintain the same synchronized texture, panel after panel. The impeccable accuracy of VIVA’sTM design looks and feels authentic, offering The true touch of woodTM.

Logo Prélude

  • Karisma Texture

    This universal texture is inspired by a brushed wood effect and it features some striking dark random pores.

  • Alto Texture

    Introducing ALTO, a trendsetting texture and stunningly tactile surface.

  • Urbania Texture

    Introducing URBANIA, a texture with a modern look.

  • Isola Texture

    Introducing ISOLA, a brand new texture and smooth satin surface.

  • Smoothwood Texture

    Introducing SMOOTHWOOD, an elegant texture and smooth surface.