Complementary Products

Tafisa's complementary products program

Sourcing matching and complementary products is key to producing a project or product with design harmony. At Tafisa®, we value this approach therefore have made the sourcing of complementary products an integral part of our design and product development process. We are proud to offer you the most extensive complementary products program on the market.

For more infromation regarding Tafisa®'s Complementary Products Program, click on the illustrations below or communicate directly with the complementary products manufacturer.

Matching Olon NEXGEN™ Mouldings for Tafisa® decorative panels

Tafisa® is pleased to partner with Olon Industries to offer a full range of NEXGEN™ matching profile-wrapped mouldings and building solutions. Olon offers manufactured moulding components with exacting quality, low order quantities and quick delivery. In addition, the Olon program offers the best variety in colour and style. Olon's comprehensive program for 5-piece doors includes 15 stock profiles for accessory mouldings, as well as edgebanding.

Matching edgebanding for Tafisa® decorative panels

Edgebanding is a narrow strip of material used to create durable and aesthetic edge treatments for exposed sides of panels. Edgebanding is offered in various materials such as PVC, ABS and polyester. 

The most common form of edging is made of PVC. PVC is a robust material with high dimensional stability and high resistance to impact and abrasion ensuring long tool life and easy machining. Furthermore, PVC edgings are chemical and UV light-resistant, flame-retardant and 100% recyclable. 

Matching 5-piece and slab doors for Tafisa® decorative panels

TFL and polyester doors in styles such as "Elegance," "Shaker" and "Heritage" add flair to any cabinet. Available in more than 60 of Tafisa's colours, they replicate authentic wood perfectly and offer greater scratch resistance.

Matching 3D Laminate for TAFISA® decorative panels 

3D Laminate, also known as rigid thermofoil (RTF) is a thermoformed decorative surface that can be membrane pressed or vacuum-formed to contour surfaces without requiring edge treatments. Typically applied to an engineered wood substrate such as medium density fiberboard (MDF), 3D laminate films can be formed around contoured edges and corners giving components the appearance of machined solid wood or various solid surfaces.

Matching 3D laminate doors for Tafisa® decorative panels

3D laminate doors harmonize seamlessly with over 60 Tafisa® colours. Their contoured panels and smooth edges add versatility and depth to any project.

Others Tafisa® complementary products

Several other complementary products are available to match Tafisa®'s colours such as touch-up kits, fill sticks, slotwall and backer panels.