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Complementary Products

Tafisa's complementary products program

Sourcing matching and complementary products is key to producing a project or product with design harmony. At Tafisa®, we value this approach therefore have made the sourcing of complementary products an integral part of our design and product development process. We are proud to offer you the most extensive complementary products program on the market.

For more infromation regarding Tafisa®'s Complementary Products Program, click on the illustrations below or communicate directly with the complementary products manufacturer.

Matching cabinet door mouldings to Tafisa® decorative surfaces

These mouldings are made from MDF profile wrapped with treated base paper. This type of moulding frames a central panel in order to create a cabinet door. The many profiles and colours available are perfectly matching Tafisa®'s TFL and HPL decorative panels.

Matching edgebanding for Tafisa® decorative surfaces

Edgebanding are narrow polyester, PVC or ABS strips that match the products used to cover edges for aesthetic and durability purposes..

Matching edgebanding is available through Tafisa®’s distribution network.

Matching 5-Piece Doors to Tafisa® Decorative Surfaces

Designed using four profilewrapped pieces forming a frame around a central panel, the 5-piece doors offer a distinctive wood cabinet appearance, synonymous with durability, sophistication and quality, available in several styles, finishes and Tafisa® colors.

Matching 3D Laminate to TAFISA® decorative surfaces 

3D Laminate, or rigid thermofoil (RTF), is a decorative surface that can be membrane-pressed or vacuum-formed to contour surfaces without requiring edge treatments. The finished product artfully replicates machined solid wood or other solid surfaces.

Matching 3D laminate doors to Tafisa® decorative surfaces

3D Laminate Cabinet Doors, consist of a routed one-piece MDF door with a vinyl film applied using heat and pressure. These films match Tafisa®’s TFL decors. The 3D nature of this product comes from the ability of the vinyl film to form to the contours of the face and sides of the door or drawer front.

Others Tafisa® complementary products

Several other complementary products are available to match Tafisa®'s colours such as touch-up kits, fill sticks, slotwall and backer panels.

Matching accessory mouldings to Tafisa® decorative surfaces

These mouldings are composed of profiled MDF coated with treated paper, perfect for decorative elements and generally added as a finish to a room’s décor and furnishings. The numerous profiles and colors available are a perfect match to the Tafisa® TFL and HPL decorative panels.