Matching edgebanding for Tafisa® decorative panels

Edgebanding is a narrow strip of material used to create durable and aesthetic edge treatments for exposed sides of panels. Edgebanding is offered in various materials such as PVC, ABS and polyester. 

The most common form of edging is made of PVC. PVC is a robust material with high dimensional stability and high resistance to impact and abrasion ensuring long tool life and easy machining. Furthermore, PVC edgings are chemical and UV light-resistant, flame-retardant and 100% recyclable. 

ABS shares many of the characteristics of PVC; however ABS has a lighter composition (lower density) and is not flame-retardant. ABS edgings are 100% recyclable.

Polyester edging is a pre-glued trim and is ideal for iron-on or hot air applications.

Matching edgebanding is available through Tafisa®’s distribution network.